i'm lamkas. (back)
i sometimes do stuff and it works.
I don't really know what to say about myself.
I do a lot of programming for fun, even
though I would like to do it as a job somewhere.
I don't really have any goals for the future, even though
I hope I can create something people will really enjoy one day
or get a job at FAANG or somewhere cool.
That's all I really want to do in life.
Right now things are pretty bad...
Well anyways, that's not important.
I mantain a few small projects like
Nekomaid and few others.
I'm usually active on Discord at LamkasDev#4235,
don't expect to talk much tho, I'm down bad.
I don't have any other social media other than Discord.
I play a lot of VRChat, BeatSaber and Rimworld.
VRChat is really great, I have a lot of good memories from there.
It's like a small world I come to space out into.
You can add me on VRChat or Steam.
If you want of course, haha.
I use HP Reverb G2, if you wanted to know.
I also had HP Reverb G1 and Oculus Rift S before.
Other than VR, I watch a lot of anime and Twitch.
I have a MAL, if you want to see what I watch.
Well that's pretty much all, you could want to know!