❤️ i'm lamkas.
i make things and sometimes they work. 🍦
software dev for hire
self-hosting all my shit
pan femboy
lamkasdev [Link]
@lamkasdev [Link]
@lamkasdev [Link]
these are my currently maintained projects:
comfy - streaming platform [Link]
sleepy - infrastructure management [Link]
awoo - emulating an os in awoo-64 [Link]
these are projects i don't actively work on:
nekomaid - discord bot [Link]
maple - interpreted language [Link]
spark - game engine [Link]
chip8 - chip8 emulator [Link]
nes - nes emulator [Link]
here is the stack i currently use:
html + css/scss + js/ts (react/preact + redux)
node (fastify)
dart (flutter)
go, c#
mysql, redis